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Autumn Equinox

'The Little Apple Girl' Photo taken by Nicodemus, used with permission
'The Little Apple Girl' Photo taken by Nicodemus, used with permission

It's that time of year again here in the Northern Hemisphere. The harvest is in, we've even had our first frost here in Michigan, and the leaves are falling rapidly off of the trees. Today it is so windy I think I'll not have a single leaf on a tree in my front yard, but I'm sure all of the neighborhood leaves will come and visit my property and dance in the wind. One of my cats is currently insisting that my legs are the best place in the house to nap. I've given up trying to move him, instead typing while my keyboard is precariously perched at the edge of my desk lest I disturb his beauty sleep.

Be sure to explore all of the great Autumn Equinox information we have available on the site. A good place to start is our Wheel of the Year Samhain page over in the Spirituality section. From there you can find articles on the holiday including recipes and ritual, word searches and children's stories related to the Autumn Equinox.

Want to involve your children more in your ritual? We have several great articles about that in our Magick & Ritual section.

Here's a couple of my personal picks for Autumn related children's books. The Autumn Equinox by Ellen Jackson talks about different harvest celebrations around the world. Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Betsy Maestro is a great science explanation in terms young children can understand about the traditional color changing process. How Do You Know It's Fall? by Allan Fowler is another science book helping to see the signs of fall.




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